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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Powerful Testimony


How in the world are all of you?? Can you believe it... 3 weeks in. FINALLY!!!  Life is wild here! I feel as if in 3 weeks I get to come home, but that’s false. My work actually begins in 3 weeks haha. Pretty crazy if you ask me?

First things first... VIVA BRASILLL!!!!! Brazil took home the gold in the Olympic and everyone went nuts. I don’t know how the Brazilians knew before the fireworks and horns and festivities late that night.. but I heard them in the halls before anything. They must just know with their hearts. haha! pretty wild!! but there were fireworks, horns, and all sorts of crazy things. We were in mid lesson and everyone bailed out and ran to the top floor to watch the craziness. My teacher wasn't too happy.. but it was awesome!! 

Today we went to the Sao Paulo temple for the first time. all of the other times we went to Campinas. It was absolutely amazing!! The spirit is so strong there and it is the perfect place to lay it all out to the Lord. I love the temple.. it makes me feel like I am home. It brings me so much joy and so much happiness!! I absolutely love the temple with all my heart. I challenge you all to go when you get the chance. There is no greater place to be. But a pretty cool thing happened today. We were walking back to the bus, and I saw Malaspina.  He is so great!!  He was so happy to see me and I was pumped to see him. He wouldn't speak any English to me, but I kind of understood him. It just caught me by surprise. I got a pic with him, but I can’t send it from here. He has a pic of us, so if Dad would like to contact him I am sure he would send it to you. 

Elder Abel with Cezare Malaspina
He's a friend and missionary companion of Brad's who lives in SãPaulo

Last Saturday we went Proselyting. It was such a neat experience. It was down pouring and it was crazy.. but it was so neat. We had 6 book of Mormons (books of Mormon for you Best Two Years peeps) to hand out.. and we had like an hour to do so. In the first hour we got rejected countless times.. then in the last 10 minutes we handed out 4. I lead the conversation in one, and the dude totally wanted to hear more. I could understand all that he was saying, and it was such a confidence booster. I have the whole story in detail coming your way through letters. I am praying they get to you guys!! Postal services are a little sketchy and there are A LOT of solid stuff in there.

I have ran out of time, but I would just like to leave with my testimony. I want you guys to know that Heavenly Father really is there. I have leaned on him for so much this last week and I feel so much love and comfort. I can feel your prayers, and I am so grateful for you guys and the amazing examples and support you show. I want you to know that all is well here and that the spirit is amazing. God lives and Jesus is the Christ, the savior and redeemer of the world. I feel so blessed with the opportunity to serve, and there is nothing that makes me happier. I love it so much and will defend it in any moment of time. Nothing brings greater joy than the Gospel. I am excited to share that with people in a few short weeks. I love you so much and hope all is well. I hope you all know that I think about you guys daily and pray for your well-being. You guys mean the world to me and I truly miss you guys like crazy! This work that I am doing makes missing you a lot easier. I have felt the overwhelming feeling that I am needed here. I have things that I need to do and people I need to meet. It brings me such joy to think of the lives that can be changed from this gospel and how my life will be changed. 

May you guys have a wonderful week and smile lots for me because you are amazing!! I love you all so so so MUUCCCHHHH!!! Thanks for all you do and the amazing people you are.. I am blessed with the best.. (:


Love your happy.. and anxious Elder... Elder Sky Abel! (:


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

God gives me strength to do ALL things

Holy flip!! I MISS YOU ALL MORE THAN IT IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!! There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of all of you. You guys are just the absolute greatest in every way!! thanks for all the E-mails. You guys are too good to me. (:

Thanks for the E-mails. I want to just quickly apologize that I won’t be able to respond to all the mail. This 45 minutes goes by so fast!! I don’t quite understand how, but it does. Feel free to send as long of letters as you want though because I am taking pics of them on my camera and will read them when I get the chance.. Then I will try and answer your questions next week. Any other 45 minutes in the Mish Prison life is like the longest ever!! so I am sorry if I don’t respond, I just want you to know that I love you all sooo much!!!

But how is everyone?? How's the last couple weeks? Is Tay engaged? Is Aim, Reese, Kaylee, anyone pregnant? How's my cute nieces and nephews? How's EVERYONE??? Have you all been smiling a lot?? Because if you haven't I need to ask why? We are blessed beyond measure. We have a loving family and a loving Father in Heaven. We are a part of the only true and living church and all is well. A quote I heard this last Sunday from Brother Avila was.. "You need to smile. Not just on your face, but in your heart." It is so true!! Always smile! Life is perfect and we are blessed more than we will ever give ourselves credit for.  So I want you guys to take some time to watch PATTERNS OF LIGHT by Elder Bednar. A great quote from him that he said is.. "The light of Christ is what influences us and pulls us to do good and become good."  (Bednar) It is such a great video, and please check it out and tell me how ya feel about it?

So this last week was pretty rough!! The language is hard and the week is long! I don't know what to expect with the language, but it just doesn’t seem to be coming. I struggle communicating. But I had a neat experience. We were teaching our fake investigator, and I straight bore my testimony. I brought the guy to tears and it was just really neat. The gift of tongues is real and I know that because I can feel it. I feel so blessed to understand what they are saying. I am just working on how to respond haha. But it will come. Nothing too special happened this last week. I heard news about the Olympics.. so that was cool.  It is just the same ole same ole here. Same breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and the same schedule. I love it and hate it. There are times I want to just give up.. go home.. and start my life. Then I realize how important this is and how blessed I am to be here. As well as how this is my start of my life. I have grown so much and I feel like I have been here a solid 3 years! I love the spirit and I love the badge on my heart and what it stands for!

I want to share with you all a scrip. ALMA 26:11-12. This is what gave me strength this last week and what will throughout my mish. Everything is so difficult.. but God truly gives me strength to endure. I am truly nothing here.. but through God and His love.. I am something. God gives me strength to do all things.. and if it be His will then I will learn the language and bless the lives of others.. as they truly bless mine. He gives me strength to do the things and be the person I am. There is nothing that I would rather boast about then God and this wonderful Gospel. I truly have been humbled this past week.. and I know I still have a lot to learn and a lot to do in the MTC before the real work begins. Everything is possible if we just have faith. Have faith in God and have faith that He is and always will be who gets us through our trials, challenges, hardships, and all else. He loves us and there is nothing greater than that love and assurance that he is always there. You are never alone no matter how alone you feel. 

I would like to close with a quote from a talk with Holland... he said.. "God's opportunity is man's extremity." That can't be more true!! What an opportunity that I have to be out here serving, I have learned so much and it has been amazing! but boy is it extremely difficult. The best part about the extremes.. is that it is extremely worth it. I miss you all like crazy.. but to think of all that I have learned and how I have been humbled and changed throughout this past weeks.. it is just amazing! I am blessed and I can't describe how much you all mean to me. Thanks for all your love and prayers. I can feel them in everyday.. and with you all.. I can make it through.

Thanks for all the examples that you are and the blessing you all are. I look up to you so much and am proud of what you are becoming and what you are doing with your lives. Keep being you and smile because life is great!!

I miss you all tons and I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER!!!! Keep sending mail because you guys are my medicine through the rough times. I love you and can’t wait to chat next week! xoxoxo!

Love your crazy and humbled Elder... Elder Skylar Abel (:

P.S.-Thanks for all you do! I love you!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

P.S. Send Clean Clothes!!!

Family.. How in the world are you doing?? Great news.. I am doing really well. I won't lie to you, that was the longest week of my entire life and I miss you all more than you guys even know!! But can I just quickly tell you how blessed I am to be here? I am so richly blessed with the powerful spirit that I have overwhelmingly been blessed with this past week. I knew it was going to be a rough week.. but it was like every time something would bring me down, I would be pushed right back up. There was an experience where I was really down on myself with the language. We had 3 minutes to teach the Restoration and I couldn't think of a single word in Portuguese. In that moment I just broke. I just Niagara falled as I couldn't do it. I had a feeling of giving up. Then a few minutes after that I was able to bear a testimony in Portuguese and feel of the spirit so strongly. About a minute after that, one of my teachers came in and talked about why we shouldn;t be sad. He didn;t even know how much I needed that. He told us that why should we be sad when we are so richly blessed? Why should we be sad when we have a roof over our head, a badge of the Savior over our heart, and love and support not only from home but from the heavens. He told us that there was no reason to be sad. Everything is good and we are blessed more than we think. It was so cool! It was like Heavenly Father saying, ``Here this is just what you need.`` I truly am so blessed. I am blessed with health and strength and love and support from my amazing family. There is no reason to be sad, because everything is going to be okay because Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy. I want you guys to think about that for a bit. 

So.. I don't have much time to write in the CTM (PRISON). I only have 45 minutes so I might not be able to write everyone back, so I am sorry ahead of time. But I am having a lot of fun here. My companion is totally dope!! As well as my whole district! It’s almost like I have known these guys since birth. All of us are just best of buddies and just laugh like every minute. They make being so far from home okay. And I couldn't imagine this journey without them.

So the CTM is good. I mean it is totally a prison and I totally just wanna get outta here already, but it is good because of the people. I feel like I know nothing about the outside world. I am 2 hours from the Olympics and know NOTHING! Hopefully Hillary isn't burning down the USA or Taylor is married. haha! For reals though. O: Everyone is so welcoming and I have enjoyed the people that are in here. The teachers, roommates, comp.. everything is good. The food is delicious. There are A LOT of rice and beans. Dad was right.. Every. Single. Meal.! The classes are hard and everything is in Portuguese but things are going good. I am struggling with the language, but hey.. It’s been a week.

I am always thinking of you guys. I pray for your safety, health, strength, love, and support. I also pray that you guys have a peace of heart and mind that all is well here. Everything is good and I am safe. I may be struggling with the language or just feeling as low as possible but it is you guys and the spirit that puts me back up. I can feel your prayers, your love and support, and I can feel the Saviors love. I want you all to know that Heavenly Father is always there, He loves us and wants what’s best for us. There is nothing better than striving each and every day to become what he wants us to be. I love this gospel and I love this church. There is no better work and no better place for me right here. It feels like it has been a year already.. but my work has just begun. Thanks for all that you guys do for me and for being so amazing in all that you do. I am richly blessed and so are you. Just remember that and know that you are never alone. Just one prayer away from comfort and safety and peace. I love you all so much and hope that everything is well with you and your families. I can`t wait to talk to you next week because 45 minutes just isn't enough. Thanks for everything!! I miss you guys like crazy and want you to know that.. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCCHHH!!! 

Love your favoritest missionary ever who is keeping Brazil lit... Elder Abel 

P.S-  Send clean clothes because I don´t like doing laundry. Also send lots of pics because miss your faces!! Remember that I am just one letter away. I love you!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Brazil is lit!

Hello my amazing family!!

What a blessing it is to arrive here in Brazil safe and sound. There are quite the amount of missionaries that I was able to travel with, and I made a lot of new friends. Some that will be serving all throughout Brazil and some serving in Argentina leaving from the Provo MTC. Truly such a blessing to hear their reasons why they are here, and see exactly what it took for them to get here. Their testimonies are strong, and so is the spirit. I am truly privileged to be a missionary and to serve in such a beautiful place. All is well with me and I am having a lot of fun! I am anxious to get things going, but nervous about what is to come.
So my P-day will be on Wednesday`s starting next week. I know.. You amazing people don`t get to hear from me for a whole week.. it may be a little rough but I will live haha. My companion is Elder Allred. He lived in Highland and traveled with me all the way here. I am also roomed with Elder Pulley, and Elder Moore. All four of these Elders will be serving with me in the South mission. Seriously such great men and I got lucky to have such studs as roomies and comps. 

I would like to apologize for the short phone call when I reached Atlanta. There were like ZERO phones and we had ZERO time. Luckily Elder Moore let me use his phone as we were boarding to let Mom and Dad know that I made it safe. I am sorry for the rest of you that I didn`t get to call. I honestly wanted to.. but just didn`t have the time or the resources. 
I want you all to know that I am happy being here. I am grateful for all of you and the amazing examples that you are. I had a lot of time to think on the plane rides, and I just love you all. You guys have seriously always been there for me and I stand as a missionary today because of YOU!! Thanks for all that you do and the love you have for this Gospel. I have been a missionary for a little amount of time and I have felt the spirit like never before. It is an amazing blessing to be able to serve the Lord and I look forward to share the blessings that come from it with you guys. You guys are amazing and I am blessed beyond measure. I hope all is well and I will talk to you next Wednesday. I love you all soo much! Thanks for everything!! (:

Love your most favorite missionary.. Elder Abel!