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Monday, August 28, 2017

Seek the Spirit

Well hello there favorites!!

This last week was pretty solid. I had some struggles with a few things, but in all I am still as blessed as ever. The Lord's hands really are in this work, and I know it without a doubt. Today I had to say goodbye to Elder Judd. His adventure to Brazil is about to begin, and I am so excited for him. The kid is truly such a stud and is going to do great things on his mission. Keep him in your prayers as he travels, and keep him in your prayers for his strength. He was struggling a bit with being nervous and worried that he wouldn't do well. He feels inadequate, but I made sure that he was aware that there is no such thing as inadequate missionaries. The Lord really does strengthen all of the missionaries through experiences and trials. Although times we may feel inadequate, I know that that we are never alone and as we commit ourselves completely to the Gospel and have faith that Jesus Christ we will feel of His love, His peace, and His comfort. It truly is amazing!!

So a little update on my past week. The Eclipse was pretty lit. We had a devotional the next day and he talked about the Eclipse. Weatherford T. Clayton made an analogy about how the Sun is the Savior and the Moon is Satan trying to block out the light of our Savior. He said.. "There is nothing that can cut us off of the light of our Savior." Although Satan may try his very hardest, he will never fully be able to block out the light of our Savior. The Savior will always be there for us no matter how dark and dreary life gets. We can always pick ourselves back up and find the Light of Our Savior. I love it! Another cool thing we did that night was sang "Army of Helaman" a cappella. It was soo cool to hear all of these missionaries pound out that song. The spirit was so strong and it made me realize how important this work is. So neat!! Another favorite part about my week was seeing Hermana Dowdell. That girl has a lot of power and a lot of strength. Her testimony is amazing!! She has given me a lot of strength this past week and I am grateful for the opportunity that we have to be here together and lean on each other for support and help. She keeps me focused here at the MTC. I love her and love seeing her! Such a blessing!!

I know that I talk about the Gift of Tongues and the Spirit a lot, but it is just so real and has been such a blessing in my short time as a missionary. We got a new investigator (our teacher), and we were writing a script to take with us so we could go through a lesson smoothly. I kept having this feeling to just forget about the script and let the Spirit guide. I ignored it and continued to get ready for the lesson with making notes and a script. But then I felt the same thing and this time I acted on this prompting. A minute before we left to teach I told Elder Judd that we are going to leave our script and notes behind and that we will only be taking our pamphlets and the Book of Mormon. He looked at me like I was crazy and was pretty upset at me for a bit. He was really iffy about the situation, but I told him to trust me on this and to rely on the Spirit for help. He humbled himself and we both went in with complete faith that we will be able to speak the things of our hearts and rely on the Spirit to bring to remembrance the language. My heart was pounding, but as soon as I walked into that door to teach, I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace. I sat down and we carried on a perfect conversation. We were able to say exactly what we wanted to say, and everything went so smoothly. It then came time for me to bear my testimony and I got the chills as I went on and bore with perfect Portuguese my testimony. Everything was just coming out of me and it was straight from my heart. My mind was blank in this testimony, but the Spirit had made me that promise that everything would be alright. The Spirit taught in that lesson and we came out of it in complete shock. Elder Judd had the same type of thing happen with him, and he told me that he couldn't thank me enough for giving him that opportunity. I felt wrong taking the credit, and told him that it wasn't me that had the idea to leave the notes, it was the Spirit. You guys.. The Holy Ghost is real. I know it is because I have felt the love and peace that it has offered me. I have only been a missionary for a few short weeks, and have felt its strength day in and day out. I know that as we rely on the Spirit, and are worthy of its companionship, that we will be blessed beyond measure. The spirit is my favorite companion here on the mission, and is needed to bring souls unto Christ and this great Gospel. Because it is not me that brings people to the Gospel, it is the influence of the Spirit. I know as we rely on the Spirit in our day to day activities, we will be blessed immensely. The Spirit will guide you, keep you safe, bring you joy, and give you comfort at times that you need it the most, or aren't expecting it. I love this gospel and I love the joy that it not only brings to my life, but to the lives of others. It brings me pure joy to know that families can be together forever. I love my eternal family, and I know that God is aware of each of us individually, and knows exactly what we need. I challenge you guys to look for the Spirit this next week and see what blessing it gives you. Faith is a very hard thing to have these days, but I know that if we even have a little bit of faith, that it can go a long way. I love you guys soo much and pray for you day in and day out. I am so grateful for the love and support that you offer to me, and the wonderful examples that you are. May the Lord bless you, and may you look for the hand of the Spirit in this upcoming week.

Love, your humbled missionary, Elder Abel!

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