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Monday, September 4, 2017

I feel my Savior's love!

Good morning!!

How are my favorite peeps in the whole entire world?! Time is really picking up! Days are going slow, but weeks are cruising. I am pretty shocked about it already being P-Day again, but I am so glad that it is. I have a lot to tell you guys!!

My companion(s). I have lost another companion today. Elder Stimpson peaced out today and is on his way to Brasil. Pray for him to have safe travels and much success!! The kid is going to do amazing things! I also have gained a new companion this last week.. His name is Elder Ranger. He is literally Krenny! He is pretty chill. He is going to the Brasil Santa Maria Mission. He is pretty excited and was told that he will only be here for 3 weeks, then will be heading to the Brasil MTC. I hope he gets his visa, because if not he will be left all alone here at the MTC as the only Brasil missionary. If we both get our visas, we will fly out together, so that's cool. But I have had some weird dreams about Texas. I have a feeling that I am supposed to be there for some reason. I heard that it is under water, and it blew my mind because I had dreams of doing service there before I heard the awful news! I hope all is well there. (Someone please update me on that). I have been so pumped to serve and I think I might actually be bummed if I don't go stateside for a bit. I have talked it up so much, that I am so excited for the adventure. Nonetheless... I will be more than excited to go straight to Brasil. I will go wherever the Lord needs me! Missionary work is the bestest!! Ü

This past week was a little rough! I will be totally honest with you! I have never felt so alone, yet so comforted in my entire life! It is the craziest, most unusual feeling, that I have ever felt. It is really hard for me to sit in class for 6-9 hours a day, all by myself. I have to learn all by myself, teach all by myself, and do a lot of hard things all by myself. The thing that I have come to realize is that I am not by myself. I have the help of Heavenly Father and I have Jesus Christ to lean on. I was having a pretty rough day, and I had to teach Catia (My Teacher who is acting like an investigator in her mission. Same lessons, responses, and all). I was planning on teaching about The Word of Wisdom, but it just didn't feel right. I kept having this feeling that I need to teach about the importance of Baptism and the importance of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I just kept having this feeling, so I changed my lesson plan. Little did I know that I was to be teaching with another teacher who would be acting like a "Member". I talked to him about what I was thinking to talk about, and he did not agree. I told him.. "Listen to me! I know that this is what she needs. I have felt it in my heart, so we are going to teach it. In fact.. The Spirit is going to teach it." He didn't agree with me still, but went along with me.. although he thought it would be a fail. When I said a prayer in Portuguese before teaching Catia, I was just overcome with the spirit. I was overcome with the feeling of peace, comfort, and the love of our Savior. I went in there and that is exactly what needed to be taught. Catia had questions about baptism and the importance of it. I was able to bear my testimony, and share through the spirit the importance of baptism. Then I did something that blew my mind! haha! I know that I talk about these things all the time, so they don't sound special anymore, but the Gift of Tongues is real. I was able to ask her (in the exact words that are listed in Preach My Gospel) if she would be baptized. I hadn't even studied it. I haven't even really looked at it. I just went on as if it was something that I have memorized. It was the coolest thing and I still know it to this day. It was like a gift from Heavenly Father.... when I needed it most. You guys.. we are not alone. We have a loving Heavenly Father that helps us get through things that feel we can't do ourselves. I know that it was a small thing in my past week, but it was one of many that meant the most to me. It helped me realize the love that God has for me and the way that I can't do this by myself. I am never alone, no matter how alone I may feel. I love you guys so much! I am so grateful for your examples and testimonies that you have. I am grateful for your love and support and all of the amazing things you offer in my life. God lives and loves us. He wants what's best for us and will never leave us. I hope you find the love of the Savior and of Heavenly Father in your week. I know that if you are looking, or not, you will be able to find it. He loves you more than you know!! He loves you and wants what's best for you, so lean on Him for help and guidance. I am so grateful for all of you and appreciate all that you do. Have a wonderful week and look for the Lord's hand in your week. He is there and always will be.

Keep on smiling and being you! You guys are the best! Ü

Love, your blessed missionary.. Elder Abel! Ü

P.S- Cheer extra loud for me this week. I will be having a red out with my ties haha!! Time to make it 7 in a row! Go Utes!! I love you!! ♥

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  1. I love this letter!! He has such a amazing attitude and is so in tune with the spirit!! I am so glad I read this this morning. It was just what I needed to start my day off right! 💗